Dragon Mania Legends Hack & Guide – How to earn extra gems, gold, food

There are several dragon games for mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. Some are very good and others a little less. Today we present you a title belonging to the first group that is one of the best dragon games that have been released for smartphones and tablets. Dragon Mania Legends is one of the most popular dragon games for mobile devices. The title supports the following operating systems: iOS 7.1.2 or later (Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch), Android 4.0 or later and Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8. There is also possibility to run the game on Windows 7 or Vista, just use an emulator such as BlueStacks. This game offers a multiplayer mode so you can play with your friends. If you would like to download Dragon Mania on own phone, visit one of these websites: Google Play, Apple App Store, Microsoft Store. If you would like to learn some interesting tricks about this game, or just to know something about Dragon Mania Legends hack and other tips to make this game easier, you should read the article below because this information will make it much easier for you to play.

Dragon Mania Legends Gameplay and Useful Tips / Tricks

Dragon Mania Legends cheats and tips

Technical aspects have already been described so now something about gameplay. In Dragon Mania Legends you play as host of the island Dragonlandia, and you must take care dragons and prepare them for battle. Initially you get one dragon and you must go with him through the tutorial, then you can start a real game. As host, you must take care of your dragons, feed them and take care to keep them as best because happy dragon gives you a lot of gold which is very important. The host should also prepare dragons to fight, because you never know when you see enemy. To have a strong army of dragons, useful may be gems means most important currency in the game. Gems can spend practically on everything and more of them you have then better for and your army. There are several ways to earn gems, but the simplest and fastest are buying in the game store or use Dragon Mania Legends hack tool. During playing, player earns a small amount of gems, but not always enough and then must buy or generate using cheat tools.

Dragon Mania gameplay

Dragon Mania Legends certainly is a very addictive game and nobody should be bored with it. In the game there are over 100 species of dragons, and you can cross them which results dragons with new unique skills. The power of dragons depends on a combination of natural forces, and the most powerful dragons in the game are available through standard procedure of reproduction. It is worth sometimes buy dragon with new natural forces, especially when you want to save time. To buy dragon you need gold coins or gems so many people decide to crossing these dragons which currently has. Some people prefer to save time and buy gems or get them for free with Dragon Mania Legends cheats. Many people complain about micropayments, but little can be done about it. Some people use mod apk or hack tools and others pay real money to enjoy the game.

A few useful tips

  • Earn a lot of gold! – As you probably know, gold is a very important currency in Dragon Mania Legends, so it’s better to have a lot of gold. You can earn gold in several ways. When you take good care of dragons, then they make a lot of gold, but the amount can not always satisfy you. Dragon Mania Legends hack may be very useful tool here, especially for those less patient players.
  • Collect gold before the coin icon appears! – Dragons accumulate gold in their lairs. Each lair has limited capacity of gold, so it is often better to collect gold, because when the lair is full then the dragon does not produce more gold.
  • No need to buy new dragons! – Of course you should buy dragons with base-element like fire or water. Once you have dragons with basic skills, then you can bred new dragons, but it takes some time. Less patient players can buy dragons, and if they do not have enough cash, then Dragon Mania cheats remain.
  • Produce a lot of food! – Dragons need a lot of food, especially at higher levels you should produce enough. Build new farms and then upgrade them to get even more food.
  • How to perform a heavy attack? – When a battle is very hard, you can borrow a dragon from your friend. A good solution is also to train a dragon for a small sum. Such training increases the strength of the dragon for several hours. However, when you decide to hire a dragon you need to know that they need some rest and need extra energy to take part in the fight.

How to get more resources? – Dragon Mania Legends hack and other ways

Dragon Mania Legends hack get more gems

Many players wonder whether it is possible to get free gems for Dragon Mania Legends. Of course, you can collect gems while playing, or you can just buy. Some players are less patient or have no money and then Dragon Mania hack is a great solution for them. There are many types of Dragon Mania Legends cheats such as mod apk, online generators or hacks. For android players are available hecked apk but this is not safest solution, because this application can be dangerous for mobile device and also run the risk of ban your account. It is worth mentioning that you do not run modified apk on your iPhone, iPad or Windows Phone because it does not support these OS. Probably the most popular and safest ways to get free gems are Dragon Mania Legends hacks that work directly on the smartphone or tablet. You can also use special cheat codes that allow to get some resources like food, gold and even gems. If you want to download tested Dragon Mania Legends hack, you should do it from a trusted source. After reading these few tips you will certainly know how to get additional resources.

Most helpful tricks for getting gold and food are found above. You should remember that you do not have to spend real money to play this game, but buying gems facilitates and accelerates the game. As you probably know, the fastest way to get gems is just to buy them in the game shop. There are also other ways like dragon mania hack. Surely this second option will tempt many players because many would like to have free gems which in store cost a lot of money. Remember to be careful with the use of different cheats because some of them may cause problems. Ultimately the choice is yours. If you have any questions, leave a comment.

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  1. I just love this game, except some of the things cost too much money and dragon mania cheats for gems and gold are very helpful here.

          1. Thanks mimi, this hack is amazing. Five minutes ago I downloaded and gems are already added to my account. 🙂

  2. Dragon Mania is great! There is so much to do and the events are fun and challenging. There are so many dragons to collect. I think that is the best dragon game for android, ios and windows phone.

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